Our Story

My name is Courtney Elliott, I am the woman behind My Heart & Soul Collections. I am a mom first & foremost, an adventurer, a dreamer, hustler, badass boss babe and a woman who see’s, hears & feels so much more than just simple words.

I just wanted to take a moment to say Hi and welcome you to my Life, Love & Passion.

My Heart & Soul Designs by Courtney Lynn, now known as My Heart & Soul Collections, first came about in 2015, while sitting up feeding my new born at midnight, or was it 3 am or wait… 5 am, actually no idea the time as it was a blur and my thoughts and ideas just started spinning,

Fast forward to 2021 and it has turned into everything & more – all my dreams, work and inspirations. This has become my true passion in life, to inspire other woman & men, to create from my heart, to adapt, to push my limits, grow and innovative as each month & year passes, and I must admit this is my year! This is my year to take you all on a new, exciting journey that I can’t wait to unfold.

So welcome to my life! I hope I can continue to create apparel & decor that speaks to you, that strikes up a conversation, to allow you to be okay with talking whether it’s happy, sad, frustrated, confused, business or in between without feeling like you have to filter yourself, because trust me when I say I won’t filter in our conversations, I won’t! 

We need to cultivate a more kind, compassionate world were we see more love, more smiles & happiness and ALOT less judgement, and I am here for you, whether it be through my collections that lift you up and give you the daily affirmation when looking in there mirror, whether it’s through personal conversation or an email just saying I need to chat, I’m here!

Here are two quotes, that speak very deep but I think more people should read & reflect on!

If you ever feel like you’re not good enough for something, it’s because you’re unaware of your own potential and your own value. And when you’re unaware of who you could be, you’re limited to who you think you are, to who people told you were, to who society tells you should be.

– Rania Naim


Encourage yourself, believe in yourself, and love yourself. Never doubt who you are.

– Stephanie Lahart